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Go Give Yoga was born under the name Bridge of Diamonds, a concept developed by YogaKids founder Marsha Wenig.  Marsha and Don Wenig believe every child is like a diamond: beautiful, bright, multifaceted, and priceless. As yoga is about union, the Bridge of Diamonds connects us all.  While the diamond pose encourages children to shine their lights and embrace all facts of self, it also allows them to see the beauty in one another and to recognize similarities and honor differences. These are the concepts embodied by Go Give Yoga.


As a trauma informed yoga program, we recognize that many children, especially those affected by adversity, face challenges.  These children may not feel good in their own bodies or positively about themselves. They may have difficulty learning, feel powerless or unworthy. Teaching children to recognize their own precious qualities enables them to see the positive in others.

Hand Pile of Happy Group
The Board



Founders & Board Members

Don Wenig 
Marsha Wenig


Board Members

Ann Biese 

Jenny Claire

Maureen Heil 

Lauren Rubenstein 



Key Volunteers 

Francesca Caine

Trista Morin

Caroline Ramsay

Cinda Rierson

Adrienne White

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