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  • Shari Miller
    Shari MillerShari MillerShari Miller

    Shari Miller

    Going to Haiti combines three things that are sincerely important to me.

    • One - I love being with kids, they truly bring out the best in me. I think of myself as having a good sense of humor, being down to earth, and playful (a big kid myself!)

    • Two - I love yoga and know and have experienced its wonderful effects. I have been practicing for about 10 years and am also an instructor.

    • Three - for years I have been wanting to travel internationally and 'get out of my comfort zone'. Life is short, now is the time.
    By profession, I am a child psychologist and researcher studying kids at risk, including studying the effects of yoga. Most important - I am a mom of the two most wonderful boys in the world (ages 13 and 15).
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