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  • Maureen Heil ERYT500 RCYT Ayurvedic Consultant

    Maureen Heil ERYT500 RCYT Ayurvedic Consultant

    I have worked with children in many capacities for over 20 years, including directing and teaching at a non- profit preschool. When I took my children's yoga teacher training, something changed. It was a new way to help them grow,  feel empowered, and connect to that peaceful place within no matter their life circumstances. I fell in love with yoga and went on to get my advanced teacher training and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant certifications. It was that summer that I found Go Give Yoga, and before I knew it I was on a plane to Haiti.

    The warmth of the people, the children and their acceptance no matter what was going on around them touched my heart. Seeing those conditions changed me and I fell in love with the mission. Last summer I came on as a board member, and took over the pilot  outreach in Appalachia. I took a road trip to see first-hand, and meet the people. This is one of the most beautiful areas in our country, and the most underserved. Huntingtown, where we will be volunteering, has the lowest income of the 3140 counties in the US. In fact, the people call themselves "The Forgotten." Theirs is a life of poverty, and futures are bleak. Hunger, childhood obesity, and addiction are everywhere. By bringing yoga and mindfulness  training to the adults that help these children every day, I hope to give them the tools to empower, and change the  consequences expected from adverse childhood experience.

    In  June I will  bring a no-cost training to the area, with the agr​eement that adult volunteer participants will teach in the community, paying it forward  creating conditions for  a brighter future. I need to raise $1100 to make this happen so please consider to help sponsor my outreach. Thank you, and Namaste!

    Maureen Heil 

    ERYT 500, RCYT.

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