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  • Jenny Tanis
    Jenny TanisJenny TanisJenny TanisJenny Tanis
    Jenny TanisJenny TanisJenny Tanis

    Jenny Tanis

    Namaste.  My name is Jenny Tanis and I am children’s yoga teacher, as well as child therapist.  I am studying for my doctoral degree and working on researching the benefits of yoga for children with depression and anxiety, as well as those who have experienced trauma and loss.  This work is very close to my heart as I suffered a traumatic loss in my childhood, and suffered a long-lasting depression thereafter. 

    I don’t want to see any children not living their lives to the fullest, in the way that I didn’t for so many years.  I want to help each student that I work with to overcome their unique challenges so that they can fully experience all the joys that life has to offer.  One of my personal goals has been to share this work with children all over the world – last June I had the unique and inspiring opportunity to do so in Blanchard, Haiti – sharing yoga with the children who had suffered the effects of the devastating 2010 earthquake. 

    Although nothing near what these children and families had to endure, I had experienced a personal tragedy in 2010.  I came to Haiti with a broken heart, and knew that the children and I would have a unique and special bond.  Nothing could have ever helped heal my heart like the time I spent with the children in Haiti.  Even with everything that they had lost, and all that they suffered they were able to experience such joy in our yoga program. 

    Many children in Haiti have literally nothing - no toys to play with, no food to fill their bellies, no one to care for them.  When they practice yoga they are loved, adored and played with.  They learn how to relax themselves and how to have fun with nothing but their own bodies.  Yoga offers so much to these children, and my work in Haiti helps me to become the best, most passionate yoga teacher I can be.  It informs my research and helps me to create unique and special programs for children who have experienced trauma in their lives. 

    Your donations will help return me to Haiti this June, and hopefully every year thereafter, to offer this unique and special yoga program to the children of Blanchard. 

    Contact Info: Jenny Tanis, 201-788-5031,
    4469 Redding Street
    Oakland, Ca 94619

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