Go Give Yoga ~ Appalachia
In the Appalachian Mountains of Beatty, KY, we are working to provide a scholarship to train teachers in how to use yoga methods in the classroom, after-school and in summer programs with children from impoverished homes. The next phase will include organizing teams of volunteers to travel to Lee County, KY to teach kids and support educators and child care workers.

Go Give Yoga ~ Dallas
Dallas School District has ongoing kids’ classes and teacher trainings with a grant from the Dallas Art Partners. Christa McAuliff Learning Center has benefited in both classes for kids and teacher training with a grant from the RISD Foundation

Go Give Yoga ~ Community Projects

Research shows that yoga in the classroom helps students increase their focus on learning, solve problems and reduce bullying. We support qualified yoga for children teachers who want to raise money locally to provide yoga-based training and programs for classroom teachers and children attending impoverished schools.



Go Give Yoga ~ Haiti

In Haiti, we have a three-fold approach:

  1. Teams of yoga teachers travel from the US and abroad to work directly with children, providing education, empowered movement, art & crafts, and a healthy meal. It’s the hugs, smiles, and fun that convey the love and support these adults bring. Well over 2,500 kids have been served in 100 classes.
  2. Haitian orphanage workers and classroom teachers are embracing the yoga-based training, breath-work and meditation. Learning these powerful tools helps them enhance the work they already do with the children in their care. In 2011, 50 adults were trained. Over 250 were trained in 2012.
  3. We fund the employment of Haitian adults to teach in after school settings and in tent cities where children cannot afford to attend school, 100 schools, orphanages, and tent cities impacted. In 2012, 3 Haitian people were employed.


Namaste Charter School, Chicago, IL 2004-2005

Myanmar Sunami Relief, 2008: Yumi Hasegawa, a certified YogaKids teacher who lives in Mayangon Township, Yangon, Myanmar, asked for help in the wake of  the devastating tropical cyclone. "YK Bridge of Diamonds" offered food and clothing. Doing a little meant a lot to the homeless children suffering in Myanmar. With help from Bridge of Diamonds, Yumi was able to  buy baby food, water and other staples to help the families in her community make it through. Yumi's yoga is also bringing relief to the children, their parents and neighbors by soothing body, mind and hearts, and providing a few moments of peace for those in her tragically torn community.

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