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La Petite Boussole Montessori school, Petion-Ville, Haiti

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Haitian-American Caucus

The Haitian American Caucus-Haiti (HAC-Haiti) is a community development organization whose motto is, “Lè a rive” – “The time has come.” HAC-Haiti believes that the time has come for the Haitian and Haitian American Diaspora to unify to bring about socioeconomic change in Haiti. HAC-Haiti creates platforms that mobilize local communities, empowering residents to become self-sufficient. Their programs focus on strengthening individuals in order to advance the entire community.

Since 2003 HAC has supported Ecole Shalom, a primary school in Croix-Des-Bouquets. After the devastating earthquake of January 2010, HAC expanded its educational efforts to promote comprehensive community development. Many of their programs focus on children. In addition to maintaining an elementary school that in 2012 will educate over 250 children between the ages of 3 and 16, they also provide a child-friendly space where students can stay after school to complete their homework and participate in academic, yoga, and recreational extracurricular activities.

Aside from working with the youth, HAC-Haiti provides a holistic approach to supporting the entire community. Adult literacy programs are also offered where many of the children’s parents learn to read, write and do basic mathematics. HAC-Haiti is committed to providing the tools, education, and finances necessary for community members to attain sustainable income and ultimately provide a more promising life for themselves and their families. HAC-Haiti’s Teachers Summer Institute (TSI) is an annual training program where local and American teachers learn from each other.

Go Give Yoga has been an active partner in the Teachers Summer Institute providing training on how to integrate yoga techniques into their work with children.  Go Give Yoga also pays the cost for a trained Haitian adult to provide yoga classes in the after-school program each day.


Partners in Development

Partners In Development, Inc. (PID) strives to help the extreme poor attain independence and whole life improvement. PID combines a variety of programs to achieve community transformation in places where hope is often lost in the cycle of poverty.  Through child sponsorships, small business loans, housing opportunities and medical care, PID aims to help communities become self-sufficient. Their work is currently focused on Haiti and Guatemala.  

Partners In Development, Inc. (PID) was founded in 1990 by James and Gale Hull of Ipswich, Massachusetts as an organization committed to the education and economic advancement of the developing world. Partners In Development works in direct partnership with those living in extreme poverty (those living on less than $1.25 per person per day) through our national overseas staff in Haiti and Guatemala. PID provides material, financial, and educational resources, which enables the poor to construct and implement their own programs for development.

PID began its mission by offering a child sponsorship program. It has expanded from sponsoring a dozen children, when the program first began, to sending hundreds of children to school. Families who had children in the sponsorship program reported they needed help finding work. The result was the Small Business Loan Program, which lends participants capital to start or further develop a business. PID has provided hundreds of Small Business Loans.

Squalor living conditions prompted the beginning of the Housing Program. The Housing Program moves families from inadequate housing to sturdy homes with bathroom facilities, clean water and a yard.

In an effort to provide whole life improvement a Medical Program was established in 2003 to provide basic medical treatment, preventive care, and health education services.

PID hosts work trips to Haiti and Guatemala throughout the year. Trip attendees can learn how to build a house by hand at a building site, or help with a children’s program, and licensed health professionals can volunteer their services in the medical clinics. Read more...

Since 2011, Go Give Yoga has been an active partner in the program for children regularly sending teams of volunteers from the US, Canada and Europe to provide a week of classes for children. In 2012, Go Give Yoga trained and will continue to pay for a Haitian adult to teach yoga classes to children on a weekly basis.


Rooted in Yoga philosophy, AMURT( Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is an international humanitarian and development organization promoting rights-based strategies to eradicate poverty and help create opportunities for everyone to realize their potential.  The mission of AMURT-Haiti is to strengthen local capacities through
 a participatory approach while fostering universal values.

AMURT-Haiti started its programs in Haiti in 1986, beginning with education and community leadership in Port-au-Prince. Since 2004 the strategy has expanded to include a series of grassroots development projects in the northwest Artibonite. The long-term programs in Haiti typically begin as a rapid disaster response, transitioning into long-term capacity building initiatives.  The objective is to build trust and harmonious balance between socio-economic development, environmental sustainability, and individual and collective interests.

Since 2011 AMURT-Haiti has shifted its strategy from direct project implementation to capacity-building and accompaniment of it’s main partner LOCAL-Haiti.  There are three branches with interconnected strategies and staff:  Education & capacity building, social entrepreneurship, and environmental transformation.  Read more...

In November 2012, Go Give Yoga provided training to the Port-au-Prince education team. We worked together to expand their skills and techniques for their on-going work in 15 schools in Port-au-Prince.

Life is Good-Playmakers Ayiti

“Life can hurt.  Play can heal.” The Playmaker approach to playfulness provides children with opportunities to feel creatively engaged, safe, loved and joyful. This transformative play helps children build relationships with the key people in their lives and enables them to build resilience in the face of life's greatest challenges. Life is good-Playmakers went to Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake to assist in relief efforts. They identified and trained a core group of outstanding Haitian child care providers. Supplied with play equipment, these Playmakers ran groups for children living in tent cities in and around Port-au-Prince. They called themselves the Gerye Jwa (Creole for "Joy Warriors") since they are committed to protecting the playful optimism of Haiti's children.

A smaller core team of these Gerye Jwa received additional training both in Haiti and in the United States.  In late 2011, they became an established non-governmental organization (NGO) in Haiti under the name of the Life is good Playmakers Ayiti . To date the team has trained over 300 new Playmakers who are bringing a joyful, healing approach to thousands of children. Read more...

In November 2012, Go Give Yoga trained a team of Haiti Playmakers to integrate yoga into their on-going work training “playmakers” who work directly with young children.

The House of the Children in the Village of Hope (M.E.V.A.)

Maison des Enfants du Village de l’avenir – children’s home of the future village – is a school and orphanage in Port-au-Prince , educating 200 children and 15 orphans. The school’s use of the Montessori  method is unique in Haiti. From an early age the children are taught autonomy; a child is the architect of his or her own existence.

The foundation ‘Haiti Care’ established MEVA in 2004. Natacha Marseille-Kaasch is the head of the projects in Haiti. ‘Haiti Care’ runs an orphanage, a nursery, a kindergarten, a Montessori school as well as a computer and sewing school.  Read more...

In November 2012, Go Give Yoga provided training for teachers and staff to integrate yoga into their work with children as a way to increase the ability of students to focus, regulate their behavior, balance their energy leading to improved classroom management and reduce bullying.
  Go Give Yoga will be back for another training March 2013.


La Petite Boussole School, Petion-Ville, Haiti

Co-founders Melissa Coupaud and Beatrice Gonzales, established La Petite Boussole school using the Montessori method which is somewhat unique in Haiti. From an early age the children are taught autonomy; a child is the architect of his or her own existence.  The school focuses on the education of young children.

YWCA Haiti

Haitian women taking action! The YWCA Haiti is part of a global network of women and girls working for justice, peace, health, the environment, freedom and dignity. In Haiti at the Youth Center programs for young girls offer mentors who teach workshops on subjects not usually taught in school including human rights, civic responsibilities, gender based violence, financial literacy, etc. A program for girls aged 12-16 who have never been to school is offered to assist the girls to get a basic education. A leadership academy offers workshops for older girls which focuses on personal development and civic responsibility leading to financial development and a start for their own business.  Programs focus on self-sufficiency and the importance of personal responsibility leading to a better life.  See more... www.youtube.com/watch?v=brwwrwwWBSk and www.ywcahaiti.org website is under construction)

In November 2012, Go Give Yoga provided training for teachers and staff to integrate yoga into their work with children as a way to increase the ability of students to focus on learning, regulate their behavior, balance their energy leading to improved classroom management and reduce bullying.  Students also enhance their self esteem and body awareness.

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