As a grass roots non-profit serving children in extremely impoverished communities, we rely on support to help us change lives.  There are numerous ways to get involved:

  • Become a Go Give Yoga volunteer! You can help without leaving home: serve as a community, school or university liaison; be a community fundraiser; manage social media; coordinate donations; oversee PR; or write articles to tell the Go Give Yoga story.  Learn How.

  • Work directly with children in the impoverished communities we serve.
  • Teach yoga to school teachers, child care workers and orphanage staff.

  • Sponsor a Haitian yoga teacher. Our donations contribute to the local economy by training yoga teachers, who earn additional income while empowering children.
"We have so many kids in class because they really love yoga. The kids love
the singing. They love the crafts. They love the relaxation, which is the best for them.  
          I feel excited to be a teacher. I have the blood of a teacher in me. I love kids a lot. 
          I feel like I am in my world when I teach yoga. "  
          Showty, Haitian Yoga Teacher May 2013. 
  • Please join us in this effort: Donate $325 for a months expenses.

  • Coordinate a fundraiser to provide a scholarship that will allow a local school teacher to learn to teach yoga to children.  
  • Please join us in this effort: Donate $1500 for a scholarship.

  • Provide funds to purchase yoga books in French for each school and classroom in Haiti.
  • Please join us in this effort: Donate $30.00 per French book.

  • Make or coordinate a gifts-in-kind donation (yoga mats, beanie babies, school supplies, arts and crafts supplies, miscellaneous supplies, etc.) Read more.

  • Arrange for a presentation at your church, civic group, or school.

  • Spread the word about Go Give Yoga and our work!

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