Items currently needed by Go Give Yoga for work in Haiti and Appalachia.  Please contact us before shipping any supplies.  Our team members travel from various parts of the US, Canada, and Europe so we will want you to ship them to the next team.
  • Gently used yoga mats
  • Contribute Supplies - Go Give YogaTarps and bungee cords – all sizes
  • Beanie babies – gently used
  • Colorful Parachutes for games with children
  • 6- iPods and iPod speaker systems
  • YogaKids teacher books in French for each teacher/classroom or school
  • School supplies e.g. crayons, reams of blank colorful paper
  • Craft supplies e.g. watercolor paint sets, paper bags, feathers,
  • Supplies for games e.g. wash cloths, bandanas
Please provide your name, email, mailing address and value of the contributed goods in order that we can track and report on an annual basis.
For Our U.S. Operations:
  • Office Supplies (paper, ink, etc.)
  • Airfare and or Donated Frequent Flier Miles for Trips to Haiti for our supervising volunteers, Donated Gas Cards for transportation to Appalachia.
  • Go Give Yoga would also greatly appreciate donors contacting companies, airlines, etc. to search out potential donated goods (see above) and/or plane tickets.
  • Have an item that’s not listed above, but want to donate it? Please contact us.

Questions? Please contact us.

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