Haiti Volunteer Trip July 2013


Cinda Rierson and Dr. Lauren Rubenstein travel to Haiti on 7/17 and during their 2 week trip will be working with our partner HAC at the Teacher Summer Institute delivering classes focusing on Yoga-Based Strategies to Improve Classroom Management and Student Learning.
Following the success of the TSI 2012 classes it was confirmed that “After the first of three yoga sessions being offered teachers stated that they felt more relaxed and tranquil instantly.” Cinda and Lauren will continue building on this program, training 90 - 100 teachers to:

1. Learn several yoga techniques that will assist the teacher to help regulate their students’ energy levels.
2. Practice yoga techniques that will increase student focus and concentration.
3. Explore ways to balance the right-brain hemisphere with the left-brain hemisphere.

In addition they will be running a workshop for tweens (10-14) & their mentors, one for teens (15-19) & their mentors and then a session just for the mentors at the YWCA of Haitiwww.ywcahaiti.org/

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