Appalachia July 2014 - First Children's teacher training camp


Go Give Yoga's Maureen Heil, delivers the first  children's yoga teacher training - a dream come true!

”" Last year when I first visited Appalachia, I was taken by the sheer, raw beauty of the rocks, mountains, and the people. Folks travel from around the globe to climb the rocks of the Red River Gorge and make no connection to the people that live there. The folks of Appalachia are a resilient and yet forgotten population. I met Deborah Pennington a local yoga teacher last year - she is such an asset to her community - and we talked; about the land, the people, and the challenges they face. We dared to dream about bringing yoga to the children of the area. We NEVER imagined it would happen….but it has! Without her none of this would of happened, and I thank her for her tireless efforts!!
After much scheming, long hours, and logistical planning with the help of so many in the area, 10 people  traveled up to 80 miles to partake in children’s yoga teacher training. The ideal was of offering the training for free, and in return  that participants would bring the gift of yoga and teach free classes to children in need in their communities.  Lodging was donated, people brought food and themselves to Cliffview, which donated space for the training to take place. For 3 days they learned, moved, and bonded. On the fourth they got to get their feet wet - a children’s day program in Beattyville. 15 teens, and 4 little ones arrived and the trainees played yoga games, practiced poses, made healthy snacks together and had an amazing experience. Several of the children asked when they were coming back! Several of the trainees have already started teaching in their communities.

I am so blessed to meet these people and share their hope for a brighter future. We are looking forward to next years training - there is talk of each of this year's crop bringing two people to next years - and I have a feeling they will!""