The day dawned with perfect weather which set the scene for what promised to be an amazing and magical day which it most certainly was. A huge thanks to Adrienne White who spent countless hours organizing the event and to all of the teachers, musicians and volunteers who gave their time and made this event such a success. Also, we'd like to thank to all of the people (and their wonderful kids!) who so generously supported GoGiveYoga and ARS "I Am The Greatest" by signing up for the classes and for their donations.

The creative, inspirational and fun program day included:

Adrienne White, Sherri Dujmovich,Theresa O'Neil - 108 Sun Salutations along with fantastic drum (Tim Montgomery) and guitar (Captain) backing.
Marsha Wenig - YogaKids 
Maya Richardson - Hoop Demo and Workshop 
Karen Camelet - Triple Threat
Adrienne White - Rock The Chakras
Sherri Dujmovich, Theresa O'Neil - Chakrestorative 
Natasha Nemyre - "I Think I Can Fly"
Steven Welsh - Gentle Vinyasa
Don Wenig, Kristine Kysel - Savasana

Food and Beverages provided by the Organic Gypsy, who kindly donated all of her profits.

At the end of the day everyone left with big smiles and full hearts, feeling blessed to have spent the day with so many wonderful, caring people. Feeling happy to have made so many new friends and to reconnect with old friends but most importantly having the opportunity to provide support to the children who most need it.

All profits will benefit Go Give Yoga and ARS Gallery’s I am The Greatest Project, Supporting at-risk kids through art, yoga, and education.